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49 Morecambe Songs & Football Chants

The shrimps don't scrimp at making noise

220 Come on Morecambe Come On Let's be having you.. Playlist
376 W*nkers Not our favourite people Playlist
522 D I S C O Let's all have one... Playlist
1032 Football.... Not sure of the lyrics on this one... Playlist
1041 EIEIEIO Morecambe Great old classic Playlist
1070 What's It Like to Be Biased? Having a pop at the man in black.. Playlist
1238 4 Nil Up and You Still Don't Sing Still no song when they are winning. Playlist
1765 Walking in a Duffy Wonderland Great midfielder Playlist
2462 You Sad B..... Dry your eyes.. Playlist
2967 Giant Axe Having a go at Lancaster
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3261 You Support West Ham Havin' a go at Dagenham Playlist
3539 Can You Hear the Dagenham Sing? I can't hear anything Playlist
3602 Sing When You're Winning Goal? Now we hear you... Playlist
3663 Lancashire Is Wonderful Morecambe Lancashire pride.
3826 Sea, Sea, Seasiders! Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! Playlist
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