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22 Exeter Songs & Football Chants

The Greeks smash more than plates

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1121 Oooooo Rrrr We Are Exeter Ooooo rrrrr yes thats to show we are from Devon. To the tune of Go West! Playlist
1663 Red Army! - Exeter Cheering on the Reds. Playlist
2469 S*it Ground No Fans Sang away Playlist
2643 Everywhere We Go (Audio) Everywhere we go. WE HATE ARGYLE! Playlist
2687 Dale Cavese - Exeter Style Our Version! See Youtube for history of this chant! Playlist
2813 Cider (Classic Version) The Original Version Of Cider At Sheffield United! Playlist
3038 West Country's Number 1 We come from Exeter! Playlist
3112 Song for Our Stanno Exeter City striker, Adam Stansfield, known to fans as ‘Stanno’, died in August 2010 after a short battle with bowel cancer. Sung for over 2 minutes - tremendous support. Playlist
3932 Go Wild Wild Wild Get's the crowd going! Playlist
4145 We're the Red and White Army Gets the crowd bouncing Playlist
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4972 Nah Ne-Nah Nah, City To The Tune Of Hey Jude Playlist
4988 This County Is Ours F*ck off to Cornwall Playlist
5430 Oh When the Reds Go Marching In Another Big Bank favourite Playlist
5516 City Till I Die! Yes thats right City till I die! Playlist
5632 We Love You, We Love You St Pauli classic adapted for City. Sang at Sheffield Utd. Playlist
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RIP. Great chant Skthejanner Plymouth Sun 20 Jul '14  · Re: Song for Our Stanno  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Brilliant at Portsmouth this season Ab3 Exeter Sat 14 Dec '13  · Re: Song for Our Stanno  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Those Roman Walls,

They Got Knocked Down,

We'll Build them up,

Keep Argyle Out,

Woahhhh Woahhhh Woahhhh...
Grecians_4_Life Exeter Thu 11 Apr '13  · Re: Oooooo Rrrr We Are Exeter  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Who are the f*ck are Exeter?!
Who are the f*ck are Exeter?!
Who are the f*ck are Exeter?!
Who are the f*ck are Exeter?!

l99.watson Plymouth Sun 17 Apr '11  · Re: Oooooo Rrrr We Are Exeter  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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Exeter Golden Voices

  • joshuatv2009 Song for Our Stanno and 59 others
  • jamiekelly01 We're Forever Blowing Bubbles and 9 others
  • ricky_penguin I Want Go Home
  • harry_bo_123 Are You All Manikins?
  • steve11 Oooooo Rrrr We Are ... and 3 others
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Rivals of Exeter

  • 937 Argyle, Argyle
  • 1294 Green Army, Green Army, ...
  • 1491 Green and White Barmy ...
  • 1788 Stand Up If You ...
  • 2197 You Are My Argyle
  • 7415 Torquay (Clap, Clap, Clap)
  • 7677 Parkside
  • 8006 Come on Torquay!!
  • 8480 Sing You're Hearts out ...
  • 8521 Come on You Yellows!

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