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Red, White and Black football scarf

Man United

1623 If You Come from Manchester

Quality pub and train sing-a-long (Ed: Not the full lyrics but better than nothing)

Song Lyrics

If you come from Manchester your sure to be a blue,
Moston, Collyhurst, Salford, Ancoats too,
well if you think that this is true your nothing but a fool,
cause' in the town of Manchester,
Full lyrics

Man United rule,

Tra la la la we ALL hate Ciiityyy Tra la la la...

You can stick your Bayern Munich, Juventus, Ajax too,
There's only one colossal team they play in laser blue,
They're gonna beat United like once upon a time,
They're gonna conquer Europe like they did in '69.

Last game of the season just turned half past four.
City playing Luton heading for a draw.
Pleat sent on his substitute to see what he could do.
He put the ball in city's net and in Division Two.

Super Kevin Keegan he said I will love it,
When we beat United but we know he's talking s**t,
He walked out on Newcastle he walked on England too,
Then he walked on City he's a dirty f**king blue.

In the year 2007 it was always meant to be,
Psycho Stuart Pearce was on the march to Wembley
But they got beat at Blackburn, another year of hurt,
And all the City fans sang you're not fit to wear the shirt.

Sven Goran Ericksson, and Shinawatra too,
Were out to conquer Europe in City's laser blue,
United were much bigger, but not anymore,
Cos City are so massive, they're the pride of Singapore.

With Shinawatra's millions their better than before,
The bitter blues are going on a European Tour,
Their full of optimism, they'll never lose a game,
And when it comes to next year they'll be saying it all again!

Now they've got Sparky he's gonna send them down,
Next month they'll be shouting "Hughesy out!" around Town,
United fans are gutted their legends at city,
In years to come he'll still be there but in Division 3.

Since Shiniwatra f**ked off, the blues are on the rise,
Their massive fans cant handle what they see before thier eyes,
Their limitations endless, their prospects have no end,
Man United copy whilst Cty set the trend.

Along came the Arabs to buy them Berbatov,
But then he joined United, it really pissed them off.
Their gon'a sign Ronaldo and Kaka in January,
But we'll be laughing soon when they make it thirty-three.

Sha La La La Summerbee or so the saying goes,
City's outside right with a big fat hairy nose,
He runs along the wing and does a little twirl,
And curtsies at the corner flag just like a little girl.

His name is Denis Law and he's the leader of our team,
The finest football team that the world has ever seen,
Her name is Man United their the boys that play in red,
And when we win the league this year remember what we said.

We are the boys from Old Trafford United is our Team,
Denis Law's our Leader Georgie Best is on the wing,
David Herd 's our goal scorer, Charlton's Inside Right,
In fact we are the greatest we are the boys in Red and White!

Submitted by bushe_mufc

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i was born in salford CTWEREWOLF Manchester United Fri 22 Feb '13  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
im born in salford n thats is true CTWEREWOLF Manchester United Fri 22 Feb '13  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
best football song everrr! haha love it ryda-z Manchester United Mon 21 Jun '10  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
EWW jadebaconxo Manchester City Mon 29 Mar '10  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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