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shaun_hadley519's football chants

Total 9 West Ham football chants submitted by shaun_hadley519

16013 Lampard You Let Your Children Down! Sung to Lampard because his children live in a flat and he lives in a mansion (Ed: Again not necessarily the views of FC Towers)
16245 Lets All Go to Tescos Sung to Lampard
16477 He Comes from Who Knows Where Sung to the best left back from Africa lol!
17919 You're Getting Sacked in the Morning Sung to managers who are doing a rubbish job
20443 You're Fat an Your Birds a Slag sung to wayne rooney
20856 John Terry Your Mums a Thief! Sung to a thiefs son (Ed: These are obviously not the views of FC Towers)
20974 When I Was Just a Little Boy We hate Tottenham
21089 You Don't Love Your Wife Sung to Ashley Cole because he cheated on his wife (Ed: Again not the views of FC Towers)
21323 He Comes from Italy Sung to the legend
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