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155 Southend Songs & Football Chants

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside.

1078 We Love You Southend Everlasting love. Playlist
2105 Great Escape Southend Southend, scene of many a great escape. Playlist
2247 Come on Southend Gets the lads going, quality Southend chant. Playlist
2288 Seasiders It's simple, really. Chanting one word. Great Southend United ringtone Playlist
2538 La La Southend To the tune of "Hey Jude" Playlist
3450 You Don't Know What Yer Doing Sung to the ref usually. Playlist
3482 Who Are Ya? Always a good one. Playlist
4902 We're Southend's Blue Army 'ave it Playlist
6092 Singing Where Ever You May Be The song is repeatedly used every game
6342 We All Hate Leeds sung at Doncaster
  Premier League Betting
7534 We All Follow the Southend! A song about Southend's fans' dedication, including a quick dig at rivals Colchester Utd. (Ed: Good Youtube from Chelsea game)
9025 We Are the Southend Boys Good Southend chant
9257 We'll Follow the Southend This song lets us know Southend are glorious.
10015 Blue Army Best Southend United ringtone. Playlist
10033 Who’s That Team We Call the Southend Who are we, who are we!
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