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83 Leyton Orient Songs & Football Chants

The Chicken Orientals serving up a treat

1121 Orient, Orient, Orient Simple but classic anthem for the lads Playlist
2603 You're Not Scary Anymore Sad little chavs at Millwall Playlist
3369 Come On Orient Come on you O's, great Leyton Orient ringtone Playlist
3893 You All Shop At JJB Sang to the gippos at Millwall Playlist
4127 Orient, Orient Great tuneful Leyton Orient chant, good as a ringtone Playlist
4221 Whoa Orry, Orry, Orry, Another good ringtone for Orient fans Playlist
4703 Orient (Clap) Simple football chant for the Orient Playlist
5323 East London Simple ones are the best, sung over and over in a deep shout... Playlist
5816 Orient Score Hear Leyton Orient score everytime your phone rings, great ringtone Playlist
5973 We Hate West Ham More Than You Sang to Millwall Playlist
6040 Oh There's Only 1 Team Orient Every away game we sing this song Playlist
6180 Come On You Reds Sung by O's fans to get the team going Playlist
6230 The Wheels On Your House ... Playlist
6789 Home To Your Sister Gippo's down The Den Playlist
6938 Sit Down, Shut Up Sit down and be quiet, send the MP3 to a friend Playlist


Ooohhh i don't think you do! dpprior Colchester Fri 9 Oct '09  · Re: We Hate Southend More Than ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Ha ha that is so f*kin true! About a dozen little chavs in the lower tier of the stand to the right of the away end just stare at the away fans and point and wave their arms for 90 minutes! dpprior Colchester Fri 9 Oct '09  · Re: Do You Ever Watch The ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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