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Bury Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Shaker's shaking a fierce one down Gigg Lane.

9891 You're Not Famous Anymore Those days are gone for Leeds. Playlist
9931 Chris Casper's Barmy Army Sadly departed but never forgotton. Playlist
10010 Dirty Yorkshire... Sung at Leeds fans last time we were there. Playlist
10170 Nicky Adams Former midfielder and one for the future. Playlist
10246 There's Only One Marc Pugh! Chant for former midfielder Marc Pugh Playlist
10466 Andy Morrell Tribute to a classic Shakers striker Playlist
10683 Jimmy Provett's Got No Hair Former keeper Playlist
10947 Only One Jimmy Provett Another one for our former goalkeeper. Playlist
11355 2 - 1 In Your Cup Final Sarky chant taking the piss, this time against Leeds Playlist
14172 This Is How It Feels To Be Rochdale.. No trophies still for that small club
14692 Adams, Adams Abusing our once loved but now hated midfielder
15186 Phil Picken A chant for Phil Picken
17145 Futcher, Futcher! A chant for Big Ben
17673 Wayne Brown Is Superman Sung to one of our best keepers, usually after he'd saved a penalty
17780 Hi Ho We Are The Bury Boys We all follow the Bury
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