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Bury 'avin a go football songs

Shaker's shaking a fierce one down Gigg Lane.

1830 All Gone Quiet over There Sung when we've shut em up after going ahead in the game Playlist
6138 We All Hate Dale Scum Well, we do. Playlist
7546 You're Not Famous Anymore Those days are gone for Leeds. Playlist
10353 You're Not Singing Anymore Sung after Ryan Lowe shut up Rochdale at Gigg Playlist
10468 Dirty Yorkshire... Sung at Leeds fans last time we were there. Playlist
12880 Wanderers! Mortal foes, we hate them. Playlist
13800 Fail Sung to the Fail fans Playlist
14254 Adams, Adams Abusing our once loved but now hated midfielder
14663 2 - 1 in Your Cup Final Sarky chant taking the piss, this time against Leeds Playlist
15860 Cheerio Bury chant sung when we can see them skulking off. Playlist
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16380 This Is How It Feels to Be Rochdale.. No trophies still for that small club
17903 TK What's the Score? Having a go at the dirty traitor! Playlist
18892 Small Town in Bradford Was sung to Leeds when we played em in the Auto Windscreen. Playlist
20072 Who the Hell Are You Who are ya? Playlist

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