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Bury Top Chants (Page 2) Football Chants

Shaker's shaking a fierce one down Gigg Lane.

8518 Phil Picken A chant for Phil Picken
9069 Andy Bishop Top marksman Playlist
9541 Bury (Clap) Simple, to the point and passionate. Bury chant. Always sounds good. Playlist
10399 Adams, Adams Abusing our once loved but now hated midfielder
10549 Fail Sung to the Fail fans Playlist
10942 Jimmy Provett's Got No Hair Former keeper Playlist
11812 When I Was Just A Little Boy Never be Rochdale
11887 Bury's Rambling Club Quality Bury football chant. Playlist
12371 Wanderers! Mortal foes, we hate them. Playlist
12589 This Is How It Feels To Be Rochdale.. No trophies still for that small club
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12850 Bolton Went To Rome Wasted journey Playlist
12943 Hi Ho We Are The Bury Boys We all follow the Bury
13707 Wayne Brown Is Superman Sung to one of our best keepers, usually after he'd saved a penalty
14881 Bury's Going Up! Sung when on the brink of promotion... Playlist
15234 Come On Bury Rousing Bury chant sung when the lads need a lift. Playlist
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