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Manchester United Top Chants (Page 9) Football Chants

All Man United's top chants sung by Man U supporters. Devilishly good

1894 Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Solksjaer. How much do we love the great viking? Playlist
1918 We're Going on the Pitch Believe us! Good ringtone Playlist
1961 Going Down Going Down Always a good one to rub it in Playlist
2030 There's Only One Ronaldo More adulation for the Portuguese man at war! Playlist
2096 In Moscow We Made It 3 Heard loads against Chelsea, at the final and at Blackburn Playlist
2139 World Champions Twice Heard At Derby Playlist
2179 Cheerio to the opposition fans leaving the ground Playlist
2282 Once a Blue Man United fans taunt Everton on their ex hero Rooney Playlist
2297 Ruud Van Nistelrooy Same tune as Coma United Road Playlist
2360 We're Champions Ironic isn't it? Playlist
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2407 Bring on the Champions Sung when waiting for Man United players to come out. We are Champions after all Playlist
2423 18 Times That's a Fact Scousers are you listening Playlist
2522 You Scouse ... For the bin dippers across the way Playlist
2543 He's Big, He's Brave, He's Spanish Dave David De Gea Chant started after the Man U Champion 2013 parade Playlist
2547 Na, Na...Adnan Januzaj Song for that young Belgium/ Albanian/ Kosovan / English (Ed: Eh, English??) fella everyone raves about Playlist
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