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Bolton Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

The Reebok is alive with the sound of music!

7900 Molly Malone - Bolton Ahh sweet Molly Playlist
8065 J.J. Okocha Tribute to our dark destroyer. Playlist
8115 I Want My Wallet Back More Scousers in town Playlist
8182 We've Got Ricardo You've Got My Stereo Sang at the scousers Playlist
8210 Get Into 'Em Get into 'em Trotters, sung to get behind the team and finish off the oposition Playlist
8227 You're Not Very Good Really not great, sang when the opposition are s*ite Playlist
8309 Timmy Howard's Got Tourettes A toungue in cheek 'go' at Everton's keeper who has tourettes Playlist
8484 He'll Eat Your Labrador, Lee Chung-Yong Bolton's top Korean winger Playlist
8675 Jussi Jääskeläinen Goalkeeper for Bolton Playlist
8755 We Hate Wigan Who are they? Great ringtone to profile any friends you are unfortunate enough to have that support Wigan. Playlist
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8769 Ricardo (Gardner) For our Jamaican defender Playlist
8835 We Want 3 Another goal please Playlist
8849 One Vicky Pollard Scouse, nuff said Playlist
8965 Who Are Ya? Sit down and be quiet Playlist
8978 Oh Merseyside It's just not a very nice place Playlist
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