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79 England Songs & Football Chants

If only the team played as well as the fans sung - we'd be World Champions!

68 England Till I Die And thereafter Playlist
94 God Save The Queen Chorus only of the British National Anthem Playlist
171 Engerrland One of the best Playlist
248 Rule Britannia Should be our anthem. Original song goes as far back as 1740... Rule Britannia! Playlist
448 We're 'Aving A Laugh We're having a larfff! Playlist
490 The Great Escape - England Steve McQueen would love this Playlist
583 Come On England Come on lads! Playlist
635 England (Clap) Different version of this classic England football chant Playlist
663 It's Coming Come on England!! Playlist
815 Dupe La, La, La, England Slightly different lyrics to this one :) Playlist
949 Rooney, Rooney Our saviour? Playlist
1074 We're Gonna Score One More Than You! Come On England Playlist
1460 10 German Bombers In The Air 10 German bombers, RAF shot 'em down Playlist
1551 We Love England We do... Playlist
1627 Super Frankie Lampard Our boy in midfield Playlist


anyone know the name of the song the tune was taken from charliecox1998 Liverpool Thu 15 Aug '13  · Re: Dupe La, La, La, England  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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