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120 AFC Wimbledon Songs & Football Chants

Back from the dead and back in the Football League. Top marks!

1145 Der Der Der - Wombles! Lots of 'ders' Playlist
3017 AFC Wimbledon Falling In Love Can't help loving those Wombles - note to ed: better audio. Playlist
3050 Wiiimbledon... Great ringtone material Playlist
3305 Lalala Wimbledon Good old classic Playlist
3653 And It's Wimbledon... By far the greatest chant... Playlist
3709 We Are Wombles From the Lane... Playlist
3960 Oh South London! Milton who....? Playlist
4216 Yellow And Blue Wombles Lennon was a Womble... Playlist
4927 Spell It Out Gimme...... Playlist
5722 Worst Referee Shocking.... Playlist
5742 Wombles - Clap Lots of Wombles, lots of clapping Playlist
7016 AFC Wimbledon Simples Playlist
7614 The Referee The man in black again... Playlist
7827 Forever And Ever Not Milton Keynes... Playlist
8104 Come On You Dons (Slow) Nice and slow now lads Playlist
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i appoligise for the swearing to whomever made this, blud!
luke_miller_94 Leeds United Thu 21 Apr '11  · Re: Show Me The Way To ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
if it weren't for the mighty wimbledon your s*it club MK dons wouldn't be standing you stupid c*nt! luke_miller_94 Leeds United Thu 21 Apr '11  · Re: Show Me The Way To ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
shut up franchise t*t lukeywilliamson_0001 AFC Wimbledon Wed 20 Apr '11  · Re: Show Me The Way To ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
SHAME NO ONE CAN EVER HERE THEM SING LOL r.cirigliano MK Dons Fri 24 Sep '10  · Re: Show Me The Way To ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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