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The Jambos showing why they are famous

17510 If You're Proud To Be A Jambo (If you're proud to be a Jambo) Clap your Hands
17554 Tell All The Hibs You Know The Hibs are just rubbish, and need reminding sometimes
17890 Hullo Hullo Havin a go at the celtic
18053 Wings Of A Sparrow One for the Huns of Rangers
18068 Agadoo Anti-Hibs
18156 Supercalifrajilisctic Devidas Cesnauskis supercalifrajilisctic Devidas Cesnauskis Tongue Twister!
18222 Sheepsh*gging B*******s this is one for the Aberdeen fans
18356 Green And White S*ite Anti-Celtic/Hibs
18406 Super Ian Black For the Jambo himself!!
18562 E I E I O E I E I O
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18743 You're Not Famous Anymore another for the Dons
18981 We Shall Not Be Moved We shall never be moved
19262 We'll Be Coming Same as the Tartan Army Boys song. Word substitutes. We're Scottish, We have the right to sing this ;)
19455 Shoes Off If You Hate Hibees Great YouTube
19497 Shall We Sing A Song For You? shall we sing a song for you!
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