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1420 We're from the Capital Anothr go at the smack heads Playlist
1672 We Hate Hibees As it says on the tin Playlist
2268 Sign On Having a go at the Weggies Playlist
4218 Big Team Big Cup Hearts Scottish Cup Playlist
4433 If You Hate the Hibees Clap Yer Hands sang against the hibs!
5437 108 in a Row 108 in years in a row since hibs have won the Scottish Cup! Good Youtube
5591 Rubbish Home Suport Sing this when theres a rubbish home support
5992 Tell All the Hibs You Know The Hibs are just rubbish, and need reminding sometimes
6015 Can You Hear the Hibees Sing! Good Youtube added
6967 It's Going to Dundee last game of the season vs celtic
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7820 Is Your Tractor Parked Outside? sung at Aberdeen or Inverness
8658 Green and White S*ite Anti-Celtic/Hibs
10141 Shall We Sing a Song for You? shall we sing a song for you!
10775 Hullo Hullo Havin a go at the celtic
11556 Since 1902 Since 1902! Hibs haven't won the Scottish Cup since 1902! Playlist
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