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Aston Villa Top Chants (Page 4) Football Chants

The Villains at full pelt - criminally funny! Champions of Europe in 1982.

5856 Aye Aye Ashley Ashley Young! Ex flying winger Playlist
6066 Stand Up If You've Got a Job Having a go at the scousers Playlist
6175 Oh Christian Benteke For the Belgian superstar Playlist
6420 Get into 'Em - Villa Sung to get the lads going at em Playlist
6431 We All Hate Blue Scum Sung around the country, very popular, unlike Leeds Playlist
6477 We Want Our Ball Back Gis it back. Playlist
6599 Useless Love this one, ridicule at it's finest Playlist
6613 We Forgot That You Were Here It's all gone quiet over in their end Playlist
6664 John Carew john carew hes bigger than me and you Playlist
6666 Ireland Is Superman Or should be Playlist
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6945 Your Support Terrible support Playlist
7283 Paul McGrath My Lord - Middlesbrough Version Cracking different version of the Villa classic Playlist
7334 Down with the Baggies Used to taunt anyone close to relegation in the 08/09 season Playlist
7601 We Beat the Scum 5-1 Ahh the glory... To be sent to all the Bluenoses you know Playlist
7682 You're Chelsea's Feeder Club Having a go at West Ham after they sign the Argies. Playlist
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