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West Ham Funny football songs

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241 Let's Pretend We Scored A Goal Pretending we scored as we don't much Playlist
377 Dirty Northern B*stards Sung to whoever comes down to the Boleyn. Playlist
1029 Stand Up If You've Got A Job Funny aimed at the scousers. Playlist
1203 Christian Dailly We'd let him 'ave our wives. (ED: The original now copied by many teams with different players) Playlist
2248 Let's All Do The Barthez Sang while waving one arm in the air Playlist
4586 5-3 To The Cockney Boys Making fun of Man U fans Playlist
6988 4-3 To The Cockney Boys Taking the p*ss outta southern Man U fans Playlist
13356 In Your Liverpool Slums Life in the 3rd world
13370 One Man Went To S*ag When we next play City. to the tune of 1 man went to mow...
13422 Zola And Steve Clarke We got Zola and Steve Clarke both from Chelsea.
14467 Have You Eaten All Your Mates? Sung to fat Fulham fan who was surrounded by empty seats
14925 Does The Social Know You're Here? Sung at liverpool at Boleyn Ground
15588 We All Dream Of A Team Of John Pantsils Great song for are former hero Johnny Pantsil.
16988 You Are A Scouser An Ugly Scouser
17282 Your Suit's from Mothercare Sang to Sammy Lee
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