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759 Stick the Blue Flag And leave it there. Playlist
1063 Who the Hell Are You When a unknown sub comes on for the other team Playlist
1639 We Support Our Local Team Go local. Always a hammer Playlist
1811 Sit Down If You Hate Tottenham On yer a*ses and feet if you hate the Spurs Playlist
2521 Sign On Sang to the Scousers to the tune of 'You'll Never Walk Alone!' Playlist
2697 Your Support Says it all really Playlist
2782 1 Nil to the Cockney Boys Another one for the Irons Playlist
3066 Who Are Ya? Well, who are ya? Makes a funny ringtone. Playlist
3108 Sit Down Shut Up Avin a go when the other team think they are all that... Playlist
3288 Big Fat Frankie Lampard How Many People Does It Take To Lift Lamaprd? Playlist
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3494 We Forgot That You Were Here Sang when they finally chirp up with a song Playlist
3956 What the Hell Was That? Sung when something goes wrong for the opposition Playlist
4490 We Pay Your Benefits Sang to the poor, usually scousers or northerners Playlist
4545 You're Supposed to Be at Home Outsinging them again. Playlist
4612 Gone for a Burger Snackin Playlist
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