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1090 Torres - Half a Boy, Half a Girl This is funny Playlist
1974 Ginger Mourinho Hehe, sang about our ginger boss Gary Megson Playlist
2418 She's Got Chlamydia Scouse (again...) Playlist
4176 We've Got Ricardo You've Got My Stereo Sang at the scousers Playlist
4424 His Driving Is S*ite Bolton against United
5620 Tracksuits from Matalan Scruffy f*ckers Playlist
6546 Let's Pretend We've Scored a Goal! Sang to opposing teams when they think they have scored but its either disallowed or just missed Playlist
7640 Drink When You're Driving Chant about Everton's midfielder Steven Pienaar. He was nicked for drinking and driving. Playlist
7926 Bolton Fusiliers We're lovers not fighters
10153 Timmy Howard's Got Tourettes A toungue in cheek 'go' at Everton's keeper who has tourettes Playlist
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10587 I Want My Wallet Back More Scousers in town Playlist
10912 Sammy Lee For our ex scouser coach
14195 One Vicky Pollard Scouse, nuff said Playlist
15133 Let's Go Mental Gotta love this one Playlist
16592 You Fat... Portly f*ckers who don't like salad Playlist
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