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2576 We Only Hate Man United Maybe not strictly true. Playlist
2689 Time to Go We can see you sneaking out. Playlist
3071 Wigan Scum Interbreds Playlist
3395 Who the Hell Are Man United Cockney w**kers Playlist
3591 Have You Ever Filled Your Ground Sang to all those empty seats Playlist
3645 What a Waste of Money! Spunked all yer money... Playlist
4045 We Hate Wigan Who are they? Great ringtone to profile any friends you are unfortunate enough to have that support Wigan. Playlist
4149 Oh Merseyside It's just not a very nice place Playlist
4170 Who Are Ya? Sit down and be quiet Playlist
4327 We Forgot That You Were Here Who are ya, who are ya... Playlist
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4569 No Fans... We're away again. Makes a good ringtone you personalise for someone to don't like. Playlist
4655 The Famous Man United Went to Rome Just sayin' Playlist
4692 What Division Are You In? Terrible football Playlist
4701 Sit Down Shut Up Sang when the other fans are getting a bit over excited Playlist
4726 Can You Hear the Scousers Sing? Terrible support from Everton fans Playlist
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