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852 We Are Wednesday... Says it all really
1243 Worst Support We've Ever Seen We seen some bad stuff too. Playlist
2245 U.N.I.T.E.D Song for the pigs
3535 S*it! Nuff said Playlist
3882 Dirty Red and White Them on t'other side of the city... Playlist
5241 There Were Ten Piggy B*stards at the Lane Smashin'!
5279 He Fell off the Wall Another for the Leeds manager... Playlist
6266 He's Only a Poor Little Cockney Poor thing
7080 Empty Seats empty seats
7329 You're Just a Town Full of Chavs They stink of fish too.
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8491 Kevin Blackwell Wish he'd take our advice
8723 Wings of a Falcon Sung to the idiots.
8882 Your Ground's Too Big for You Classic p*ss take. Playlist
8901 Lookin at Leeds A fun one to sing about Leeds. Playlist
11173 Sit Down Shut Up Behave yourselves Playlist
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