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Oh We Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside.

2611 Seagulls Staple chant for the Seasiders Playlist
3159 We're Brilliant First sung at Peterborough Playlist
5062 Stand Up If You Hate Palace Arise Brightonians, we all hate Palace scum Playlist
5563 Sit Down, Shut Up Siiiiit dooown! Playlist
6584 Shall We Sing a Song for You Relying on us to keep the atmosphere going Playlist
6698 PAL, ACE South London scummers Playlist
7291 W*nker Obviously not keen on this lad on the pitch! Playlist
7371 Dirty Northerners We pay their benefits Playlist
8208 If I Had the Wings of a Sparrow If only I could fly. Good old football song Playlist
8365 In Your Northern Slums Michelin star vermin Playlist
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8411 There's No One There Always a hymn to our hearts on away days! Playlist
8729 Easy, Easy, Easy, Easy So easy. Accompanied by clapping yer hands above yer head Playlist
9043 One Job in Yorkshire Having a go at our Northern 'friends' Playlist
9199 You've Only Got One Song Is that it? Playlist
9560 ASBO's Usually accompanied with pointing to the opposing chav's in the crowd Playlist
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