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Dear Mama (The Lebron James Song)

Billy Beige of Imaginary Playaz helps Lebron James express his true feelings for hs mother after rumors of her sexual relationship with his teammate Delonte West surfaced. Not sure if the rumors are true but it's a hillarious story anyway. Check out the Lyrics Below Go to for more parody songs, clips from our show and insightful sports articles. Tune in to Imaginary Playaz Live each and every Thursday at 8p on Lyrics: [Verse 1] Now Everyone knows me and my mama have beef She sleeping with Delonte, like a kick in the teeth Seems this whole the time, they were smiling in my face messed up my mind Knocked me out the playoff race swam in my pool; ate at my home, I was a fool Damn Delonte, I thought we was cool I shed tears when I saw yall kissing After the tears, game 5 I simply dissapeared I know you aint with my daddy, but dang mama You should be ashamed mama Hope you know all the stress you caused, its obscene Now I gotta go and find a new team And who'd think it be Delonte Heeey! He dont even start anyway, most games Plus problems with the police, that's right That ginger went and tapped my mamas backside A player from my own team, mama You supposed to be The Kings queen, mama Im tryna understand In the state of Ohio you cant find another man I always was committed I got you off of welfare mama, tell me why ya did it There's no way I can pay you back But when Im gone I hope the cavs fans understand You the one who did it <b>...</b>

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