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43 Torquay Songs & Football Chants

The Gulls of plainmoor

6696 Torquay (clap,clap,clap) Good old classic Playlist
6932 Come On Torquay!! A song to get behind the boys!! Playlist
7347 Come On You Yellows! Classic at Plainmoor Playlist
7641 Everywhere We Go! We're the yellow army! Playlist
7770 Stand Up If You Love Torquay Chant we sing to the family stand Playlist
8579 We Love You We love you!! Playlist
8835 West Country La La La The best place to be! Playlist
8940 A-R-G-Y-L-E Never the team for me!! Playlist
9626 You're Not Singing Anymore It's all gone quiet over there Playlist
9664 Oh Devonshire! Devonshire, the best county in England! Playlist
9797 We All Follow The Torquay! Over land and city!
9899 Oh When The Gulls Go Marching In Only part of the chant here sorry - please do submit the rest if you 'ave it! Playlist
10328 Give Me A T..... Classic gulls chant Playlist
10349 Who Are Man United Indeed.. Playlist
10453 United UNITED!! Playlist
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Yet another club adopted a song we brought into the football league - originally from Germany. CPFC81 Crystal Palace Thu 30 May '13  · Re: We Love You  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
i quite like city, actually. not clapping Chelsea Fri 28 Oct '11  · Re: All Hate City  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
That's quality, we gotta sing that when we play 'em next season!!
TravellingGull Torquay Wed 1 Jun '11  · Re: A-R-G-Y-L-E  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
LOL thats s*it... his song that we actually sing is...
"Jake Thomsons f*cking lightning Jake Thomsons yellow and blue Runs Down the wing you'll hear us sing hes coming after you" (:
george_mills5 Torquay Wed 17 Feb '10  · Re: Jake Thomson Song  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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