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26 Swansea Songs & Football Chants

Born singers, need we say more.

88 Swansea o Swansea A fantastic, rousing, Swansea City chant sung by Swansea fans. Ed: Better audio added Playlist
113 Hymns And Arias Quality tune... ar hyd y nos! Playlist
755 Cardiff City Is Falling Down Great song and ringtone. Playlist
778 La La Swansea A rebel rouser. Playlist
884 Dale Cavese - Swansea City Style Dale Cavese - definite foot tapper See Youtube for the origins of this song, very good Playlist
915 England Is Full Stinks a bit... Playlist
973 Come On City A rouser... Playlist
983 Bread Of Heaven Anthem throughout Wales Playlist
1249 You're Supposed To Be At Home Born to sing, we always show em up. Playlist
1262 Na Na Na Swansea Great - John would be proud Playlist
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1488 Cheer Up David Jones Sad Cardiff B**tard Playlist
1590 We Hate Cardiff Simple, to the point and passionate. Always sounds good on the mobile. Playlist
1745 Ran From The Cardiff Taunting Leeds that they ran away fro Cardiff. Playlist
1948 Cheerio Bye! Playlist
2038 F-A-B-I-O We've Got Fabio! Swansea City song for our ex-loan player Fabio Borini Ed: better audio added Playlist
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Was deafening how loud we sang this last night. My favourite chant by far. TheFinishedSwan Swansea Sun 9 Feb '14  · Re: Hymns And Arias  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
First in Wales to go up!! sdafmitsos Swansea Mon 2 Dec '13  · Re: The Jacks Are Going Up  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Ther's only one team in Wales...from Greece... sdafmitsos Swansea Mon 2 Dec '13  · Re: In The Cardiff Slums  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
im swansea till i die
tommy45451 Swansea Thu 11 Jul '13  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
WERE NOT FAMOUS WE'RE NOT FAMOUS WE'RE NOT FAMOUS ANYMOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE XPenneylufc Leeds United Wed 8 May '13  · Re: You're Not Famous Anymore  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
And we were singing, hyms and arias, land of my fathers, ar *HYD* y nos. (last line means 'throughout the night' in Welsh) bigsmokeswan Swansea Fri 25 Jan '13  · Re: Hymns And Arias  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
it's more than a chore, it's more than a chore
his father washes elephants
his mother's a whore
missyjane Swansea Thu 24 Jan '13  · Re: More Than A Chore - ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
SWANSEEAAAAA FROM SPAIN julenelola Swansea Fri 5 Oct '12  · Re: Swansea o Swansea  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
:) julenelola Swansea Fri 5 Oct '12  · Re: Swansea City F.C.  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
ela re aekara padou eisai
aek AEK Athens Sun 2 Dec '12  · Re: Swansea o Swansea  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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