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420 Rushden Songs & Football Chants

The diamonds are no more but you can still reminisce here

15090 We Are Rushden We are Rushden
15324 White Flag Flying High Classic Rushden football chant
15551 We Are R&D We Are R&D
15778 We Hate Kettering Mortal foes
17620 You Are My Rushden To the tune of "You Are My Sunshine"
17850 Rushden Till I Die Forever and ever Rushden
18073 We Want Our Fraggle Back (Ed: Not sure what this one means, if anyone can nlighten us put your comments below)>
20151 The Rushden Boys the Rushden boys
20380 Rushden & Diamonds Rushden & diamonds
20610 Diamond Road Great song from Rushden
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I'd hazard a guess that this is an allusion to a once-prominent fan (amongst that junior section of Peter de Banke Terrace denizens who fancied themselves as a "firm", anyway) by the name of Craig Freeman, who was banned for three year by Cheltenham Magistrates for encroaching on the field of play at Waddon Road, a charge he denied strenuously, despite being in full view of at least one serving police officer, several stewards, and a CCTV camera. He went by the name of "Frag" on R&DFC; messageboards at the time. I should imagine that the Terrace lyricists realised that "Frag" didn't scan, and added the extra syllable - something they didn't usually worry themselves about, but perhaps this was too obvious even to their small brains. keeston Rushden Thu 23 Sep '10  · Re: We Want Our Fraggle Back  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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