Red, White and Black football scarf

97 Lincoln City Songs & Football Chants

The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

12075 Red And White Army goes on forever.. Playlist
15062 I Can't Help Falling In Love With You Can't help falling in love with Lincoln
15092 Smack Head Sung to the opposition goalkeeper
15232 Janos Kovacs to the tune of "you are my sunshine"
15296 Alexanders Barmy Army Sung in memory of Keith Alexander
15308 Here For The Lincoln nuff said
15489 Paul Morgan Hero worshipping Northern Irish defender
15525 B*stard In The Black Sung towards the referee if having a bad game
15534 Hutchinson To the striker Ben Hutchinson
15710 Circus Imps clownin around with Boston in this harmless chant.
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15749 Sh*t On The Ba*tards Below Sung towards any opposition
15967 He Hits The Ball Scores A Goal Sung about Gary Birch and Francis Green aswell as others (hits can be gets)
16201 Stink Of Fish Funny imps song havin' dig @ smelly Mariners!
16408 Time To Go Goodbye
17015 Bow Legged Chicken Old song
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