Red, White and Black football scarf

96 Lincoln City Songs & Football Chants

The Lincolnshire Poachers loud and proud

11639 Red And White Army goes on forever.. Playlist
15241 Reds Lincolns red army keep marching on
15307 Steve Tilson's Barmy Army To the Lincoln manager
15508 A Team Of Musselwhite Sung in tune to 'yellow submarine'
15513 Big Fat Yorkshire B*stards Big fat b*stard
15534 Paul Morgan Hero worshipping Northern Irish defender
15709 The Referee's A W*nker Nuff said
15717 We've Been Known To Score A Goal Sung during Suttons reign
15737 Circus Imps clownin around with Boston in this harmless chant.
15922 We All Hate Leeds Scum Aimed at leeds united
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15995 Stink Of Fish Funny imps song havin' dig @ smelly Mariners!
16223 Oh When The Imps keep it slow and loud
16281 Old Anti 'Ull not really sung now as we don't play Hull anymore!
16546 Your Support Sung towards teams with cr*p support
17185 I Was Born In The Clanford End Old Classic
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