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173 Kettering Songs & Football Chants

Poppies say grrrrr

13071 Who We Hate Kettering Town song for who we hate
13163 Nuneaton W**kers! We hate Nuneaton!
13289 Who Put What Where Who put what where
14860 Oh Northamptonshire Is Wonderful wonderful place
15095 Red Army! Red Army!
15102 JP Marna Classic Kettering chant
15317 We Hate Leeds! Leeds scum!
15503 About Us Classic Kettering Town chant
15737 Oilay Fun song to sing
17125 La, La Laa.... To the tune of Hey Jude by The Beatles
17335 Shoot The Diamond's Scum! !
17574 With A K And An E... classic kettering song
17803 Que Sera Sera Wembley!
17868 We Hate ...! !!!!
17997 Wembley Wembley beckons for Kettering Town
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