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87 Inverness Songs & Football Chants

The ICT are back on top

2729 Oh Inverness Is wonderful Playlist
5363 Bouncy This Inverness tune will have you bouncin' off the walls! Playlist
6146 Caley! (Drums) Simple chant for The Caleys - makes a decent ringtone Playlist
6578 Inverness, Inverness, Inverness Top ringtone choice for any Caley fan Playlist
6820 Let's All Laugh at County Inverness County comedy in this song. Playlist
7366 Der Der Caley Lots of ders, Caley! Playlist
8165 Score in a Brothel Old school funny chant Playlist
8193 On the Dingle Side of the Fence Not doing nice things over there Playlist
8203 We Love You Caley Top Inverness football chant Playlist
8814 Care Free We are the famous FCT! Playlist
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8839 Goal! The sound we all like to hear Playlist
9041 If I Had the Wings of a Sparrow I'd fly over Dingwall tomorrow Playlist
9580 Can You Hear the County Sing? Nooooo Playlist
9596 Derek Adams in a Barn Doing what not on his farm! Playlist
9648 Mikey Fraser's Sister's Pants Chant originally sung by Celtic about Charlie Adam's sister -funny thing is Charlie Adam doesn't actually have a sister! Playlist
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its ICT saul.cooney Dundee Utd Fri 15 Feb '13  · Re: Care Free  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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