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99 Gillingham Songs & Football Chants

Kent's finish fans the gills

3134 You're Not Singing Anymore when the opposition shut up, normally because of a goal Playlist
4119 Come On You Gills (Slow) A good Gillingham football song to sing Playlist
4223 We're Going Down In A Minute Sung just before being relegated. Typical Gill humour Playlist
4268 Gillingham, Gillingham, Gillingham Makes a great Gillingham ringtone Playlist
5000 Blue Army Gillinghams blue army Playlist
5109 Gillingham Till I Die At least Playlist
5433 Stand Up For The Gillingham Off yer seats guys Playlist
6239 De, De, De, De, Dud, Ded Dur Song to hum along to Playlist
6555 The Gills To the tune of Hey Jude Playlist
6843 Follow Wherever You Go Not the best recording but worth including Playlist
6917 Dirty Northerners Typical Northerners Playlist
7009 We Love You Gillingham Makes a great ringtone for a Gillingham fan Playlist
7129 Celery, Celery Sung by others, but still unusual Playlist
7160 Gillingham Giiiiiiilingham! Playlist
7290 Blue And White Army (With Sound) Sung all the time :) Playlist


against bournemouth lol rasta-jadon Gillingham Sun 1 Mar '09  · Re: You're Not Singing Anymore  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
ff's lol wrong description, this is sung whenever, just a classic gills song rasta-jadon Gillingham Sun 1 Mar '09  · Re: Blue And White Army (With ...  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
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