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13189 Only One Team In Sussex There really is only one team in sussex and thats borough
13301 Borough A simple one for the Borough
13523 Hark The Borough Sing Hark now hear
13679 West Sussex W*Ank A little dig at Crawley
13753 One Eastbourne Borough One EBFC
14401 Red Army Red army
14466 Build A Bonfire Burn em...
14847 Garry Wilson's Barmy Army Marching on...
15068 Wings Of A Sparrow Another anti Lewes
15299 Were Staying Up We're staying up
15524 Defence Song Defence song
15965 Good Old Sussex By The Sea We're by the sea
16185 East Sussex A wonderful place
16853 We Are Borough We are Borough
17072 We're The North Stand We're the North Stand
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