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135 Crawley Songs & Football Chants

The Red Devils - putting Crawley on the map

3411 Crawley Town Put it on the map.. Playlist
4505 Crawley (claps) nice and effective.. Playlist
5119 I Wanna Go Home Get me outta here, the place smells off Playlist
5347 Sing When You're Winning Not winning anymore then? Playlist
6002 Who's The W*nker With The Drum? We all think it. Don't we? Playlist
7529 Crawley, Crawley What more can you say? Playlist
9022 Sergio Torres Midfield maestro. Playlist
9194 Championship You're Having A Laugh Seriously Palace? Playlist
9447 You Fat... someone been eating pies? Playlist
9581 Shall We Sing A Song For You? well if you ain't gonna... Playlist
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9671 Losers! Best sung when we are winning.. Playlist
10146 Winter Wonderland Not sure who this is talking about - are you? Playlist
10219 Are You Horsham In Disguise? Are they that bad? Playlist
10357 Sing In The Corner Them over there.. Playlist
10456 You're Supposed To Be At Home Can't hear? Me Neither Playlist
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