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The bully wee gypsy army getting rowdy

10751 Oh The Clyde Bus It's wonderful! Playlist
13256 We Are The Famous Bully Wee C'mom the Bully Wee
13274 Ginger Hair Is Unacceptable Sung to Celtic coach, Neil Lennon
13362 Shave Your Hair Off For The Clyde The latest fundraising idea for Clyde!
13723 Shawfield Boys, We Are Here! Sung on away days, letting them know the SSEB are in town!
14148 We Want Raff Who needs John Brown? Raff for manager.
14193 Maryhill Slums hahahaha
14922 The Shawfield Boys TheShawfieldBoys
14937 Hark Now Hear The Clyde Sing Hear us sing!
15498 Forever And Ever No matter what happens.
15715 Glory, Glory Gypsy Army! & The Clyde go marching on!
15777 We Love 'The Bully Wee' Or 'We Love Clyde' We love 'The Bully Wee' or 'We love Clyde'
15938 Shawfield Agro We all live in a Shawfield Housing Scheme!
16252 We are Clyde! Super Clyde! We are 'CLYDE!' Super 'CLYDE!'
16386 SSEB More than just a firm.
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