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107 Carlisle Songs & Football Chants

The Warwick's blue army in fine voice

2027 The Blues Are Going Up Hmm again... Playlist
2174 Get Up Getting behind the lads Playlist
2239 United! The right one Playlist
2883 Cumbrians We are Carlisle Playlist
4039 Johnny Ward's Blue Army One sang when we had him as manager Playlist
4620 Que Sera Sera See You At Wembley Playlist
5086 2 Nil To The Cumbrians Sung, well, when we're 2 nil up... Playlist
5201 Sit Down, Shut Up Now they start Playlist
5787 Can You Hear The Leeds Scum Sing? Good one to play to your dirty Leeds fan mates Playlist
5794 Stand Up If Yer Going Up Hmm...
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6371 Carlisle (drums) Awesome chant Playlist
6378 W*nker, W*nker, W*nker Aimed at someone we don't like Playlist
6953 Keogh Richard Keogh! Playlist
6960 Carlisle (clapping) Speedy chant Playlist
7477 Cockney Rent Boy AImed at cockneys believe it or not Playlist
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de de de de simon hackeny de de de de ! very old song callum.black94 Carlisle Sun 3 Jun '12  · Re: De De De De  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
narr eyy we only say our real chants at Brunton nathovcarlisle Manchester United Fri 11 Dec '09  · Re: We Are Carlisle  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
It's Preston. random_object Leeds United Tue 27 Oct '09  · Re: Build A Bonfire  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
3 chants
youve only got 3 chants lol
jonnysbwfc1 Bolton Sat 30 May '09  · Re: We Are Carlisle  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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