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255 Blyth Spartans Songs & Football Chants


14402 Beans When the beans come out the tins
14648 Country Road The place we love
14660 Spartans (Clap Clap Clap) Spartans (clap clap clap)
15138 I Just Can'T Get Enough When I see you Spartans I go out of my head
15347 Give Me an S Spell it out!
15552 We Are Blyth Who are we?
15835 Where's Your Thousand Gone? Sung at ANY team who thinks they will 1000+ fans (Mainly Whitley Bay and Ashington)
16483 Shoes Off? Show us yer shoes!
17122 We Love You We love you, we follow, we support and that's the way we like it!
17379 Flares, Smokes and Drum Sticks A chant about smokes, flares...and Kip's drum sticks!
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17392 Green Army The Original Green Army
18325 Micky Taits ...... We hate Gateshead, we really do!
18474 My Eyes Have Seen the Glory Graeme Armstrong song
18595 Gareth Williams Blyth's Captain
18729 Spartans Classic Spartans Chant
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