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Ready Aye Ready.

7729 Derry's Walls great chant to get behind the team Playlist
9939 Sebo Sung when Filip Sebo came on as sub. Waste of 1.8 million and cant get a game but we still loved him. Playlist
12650 Ugo Sung to Ugo Ehiogu Playlist
15663 Boys In Royal Blue A Classic Rangers anthem
18069 As I Was Walking Down The Copland Road Another oldie
19086 Mark Viduka Was sung when Viduka used to play at Celtic.
20067 Wolverhampton Town When The Rangers Came To Wolverhampton Town
20212 How Can You Buy Willie Waddell A Legend
20434 Men Of Ibrox To 'Men Of Harlech'
20590 A Trip To Ibrox Vintage stuff
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21237 There's Only One Jorge Cadete Here's one we used to sing about an ex Celtic striker

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