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5390 That's Why We're Going Up Showing em how it's done Playlist
6380 K****n D**r...... Dedicated to an injury prone midfielder.
9749 Laughing at Keegan To tune of the classic football chant Lets All Have A Disco tune
9965 F**k Souness and the Toon Army An old one for our neighbours
10556 Wor Me Lads Sung to the tune of The Blaydon Races...
10632 Oo Ahh We're Going Up Ye Naa Told you so! Playlist
11795 Judas Bent This is for Judas the tune of thats the morleyyyy
12213 Superkev Chant Best ever EPL striker
14806 Stevie Coppell Are You Listening. Told you so!
14941 Steve Bruce Red 'N' White Army An old one for our previous manager Playlist
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15278 Rafael Benitez He is.
16481 Who Needs Cantona From The Days Of Trickie Dickie
16555 Julio Sung to the tune of Spandau Ballet's 'Gold'
17162 Shearer Whereever You May Be This song originated from the South Shields branch bus on way to Stoke!! 07
17234 Sunderland Going Up And we did Playlist
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