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1008 Hull E I E I E I O Hull City Classic Hull City Football Song. Playlist
1062 Arsenal North Bank/Clock End Highbury-chants still alive Playlist
1240 Arsenal We're on Our Way To Moscow for the Champions League final. Alas didn't quite make it Playlist
1786 Manchester City Istanbul When we win the UEFA Cup we will play at Istanbul Playlist
2100 Leicester E I E I E I O (Martin Allen Version) Up the league we go. Playlist
2177 Watford Let's All Wave at Warnock Singing this at Palace, winding him up. Playlist
2545 Chelsea Portugal, Portugal We Are Coming Song sung in the run up to the Champions League Final in Lisbon Portugal, 2014. Sung before the Athletico Madrid game, (Hopefully it'll be sung after!) Playlist
3339 Manchester City In 1963 When We Fell to Division 2 The good old days, a Man City song from the past Playlist
3551 Liverpool Green Green Grass of Home Another classic.
3640 Liverpool The Scarf My Father Wore (To the tune of The Sash My Father Wore)
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3732 Manchester United Cheer Up Kevin Keegan Cheer up muppet Playlist
3836 Leicester We Don't Carry Razors Only hachets for LCFC
3851 Everton Uefa Cup Song Sang at most games to say we're gonna win the uefa cup in may
3965 Manchester United Mourinho Are You Listening Poor Chelsea- thanks for keeping our trophy nice and shiny Playlist
4112 Arsenal 2-0 in the San Siro! AC Milan this time!
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