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MK Dons Vintage football songs

They might get a lot of stick but The Dons can still sing their 'earts out.

4787 E I E I E I O Great song... Playlist
5727 Di Matteo's MK Army One sung for the old boss at MK Dons Playlist
5738 We All Love Incey Back at the Dons Playlist
5842 You Are My Incey Dons Manager Playlist
10623 Everywhere We Go A football song classic Playlist
11038 Di Matteo Going Up (ED; Not sure of lyrics. If you know put in the comments box below) Playlist
17376 MK Army (Incie's) Was an old one sung when Ince was around Playlist
18588 Darren Ferguson Peterborough's bosses (alleged) wife beating boss Darren Ferguson

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