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The oldest Scottish team still going strong in the Prem

64 We Love Killie Making it clear why we're here
169 We Love You Killie This love never dies Playlist
195 Somerset Is Falling Down True story about Somerset Park - Ayr United's ground
759 As I Was Walkng Down the Portland Road Happy memories
889 Killie Till I Die Every Killie supporter should know and chant this Playlist
1207 Don't Know What Yer Doing Usually clueless referees Playlist
1615 Poor Little Ayr Fan Pretty much how all Killie fans feel about Ayr fans
2584 Gavin Skelton Wonderland Song for Gavin Skelton
2856 Same Old Celtic Sung at Celtic
3067 Ten Men That's all we need against Ayr
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3281 We're Not Sectarian Sing this because of the sectarian tag we sometimes get
5709 Police Theme Tune Tune for the police Playlist
6406 We're Here Cos We Love Kilie Killie love fest Playlist
6483 If You Hate the Old Firm Clap Your Hands Hands together for the glory hunters Playlist
6998 Killie Boys Blue and white dynamite.
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