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The Jambos showing why they are famous

425 Police Having a go at the bobbies Playlist
665 Only One Pat Fenton Pat Fenlon 25/11/11 - 01/11/13 - Pat FiveOne never forget Playlist
846 E I E I O E I E I O
1029 Csaba Give Us a Wave Getting the manager to give us a wave Playlist
1116 Big Team Big Cup Hearts Scottish Cup Playlist
1312 Oh the Hibees Are... Just a true description
1983 Shoes off If You Hate Hibees Great YouTube
2144 Nah Nah Nah Jam Tarts Jam Tarts (Youtube added)
2376 We Are the Hearts Another Hearts classic football song Playlist
2546 Come on Hearts Sung to the lads to get em going
  Premier League Betting
2660 The Glasgow Slums Having a go at the Weegies!
2747 Sheepsh*gging B*******s this is one for the Aberdeen fans
3054 We Love You Jam Tarts Top Hearts chants for the mobile as a Hearts ringtone Playlist
3187 If You're Proud to Be a Jambo (If you're proud to be a Jambo) Clap your Hands
3293 I Was Born Under a Union Jack Quality
  Premier League Betting

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