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Celtic Top Chants (Page 5) Football Chants

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8688 Jumpin Out Da Windys Givin Grief T Da Huns
8722 Here To See Us come to see us
8798 Forever And Ever Forever and ever Glasgow Celtic
9023 We Hate Rangers Oh We Hate The Gers And We Hate The Gers
9196 Bye Bye Rangers yo ho ho
9278 Always S*ite On The Rangers Side Of Town Celtic toilet humour
9438 Glory Glory Glasgow Celtic To True Celic Fans
9481 We Know Where You Stay F*ck You Novo
9492 Don't Sell McCourt Great song to keep our Northern Irish left winger Playlist
9511 Build A Bonfire Celtic fans singing v Hearts at Tynecastle 30.11.14. Not the best of friends in the Scottish League Playlist
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9750 We'll Be Coming Mon the hoops
9933 Celtic (Claps) Real rouser, makes a great ringtone for a Celtic fan Playlist
10367 We Love You We Love You This is a chant sung by Celtics friends St.Pauli
10528 When I was just a little boy sung to the music Que Sera Sera
10768 Celtic Doin' It Right Celtic anthem
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