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7121 We're off to Wembley We're the famous Glasgow Celtic and we're off! Playlist
7254 Let's All Do The Huddle Sung at matches whilst turning our backs and bouncing up and down Playlist
10281 Build A Bonfire Celtic fans singing v Hearts at Tynecastle 30.11.14. Not the best of friends in the Scottish League Playlist
11604 Why I Follow Celtic I hate stupid questions
11607 We Love You We Love You This is a chant sung by Celtics friends St.Pauli
11716 New Europe Chant Top Celtic song for Europe
11738 Allan The Rapist sung at Falkirk
11806 Aberdeen And Sheep For our woolly back friends
11860 Havin A Party When Thatcher Dies belter
11936 Mendes Is A W**ker Mendes is a P**ck
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11948 The Day The Rangers Die C'mon E' Hoops To the tune of American Pie
11949 That's Why We're Champions!! Sung at Parkhead for quite a while now ;-)
11975 Super Hooper (New) Super Hooper Song
11982 Hate The Rangers Quality. Starts slow but soon gets going. Playlist
11996 Ra Ra Rasmussen i heard this at the Scottish cup game against Dunfermline. (To Boney M's Ra Ra Rasputin)
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