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Watford Top Chants (Page 5) Football Chants

Watford fans in better voice than Elton John!

10365 Aidy Give Us a Wave The boss man waves back Playlist
10589 Johnny Eustace You Are the Love of My Life Would you let the great man? Playlist
10627 Small Town in Scunthorpe Against Leeds so someone needs to look at an atlas! Playlist
10630 Tommy Smith One of our best players. Playlist
10887 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere come on then start singing. Playlist
11103 Always Quiet Well it is isn't it? Playlist
11170 Since I Was Young Watford F.C. Sang by most clubs supporters nowadays Playlist
11242 Scars Out War wounds out for the lads! Playlist
11258 Llyodinho After the great Brazilian(?!!), Llyod Doyle Playlist
11289 You Dirty Northern B...... Our stinkin' northern foes Playlist
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11325 Super Danny Graham Watford's Number 10 Playlist
11383 We All Hate Leeds Scum Dirty Leeds! Playlist
11418 Watford Bounce The Watford Bounce Playlist
11434 Johnny Eustace The great leader. Playlist
11493 It's All Gone Quiet over There Can't hear? Me Neither Playlist
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