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Watford Top Chants Football Chants

Watford fans in better voice than Elton John!

539 Watford, Watford Simple but the best, great watford ringtone too. Playlist
813 We Love You Watford Amen to that. Playlist
1055 W.A.T.F.O.R.D. Quiet beginning to the recording but gets better. Playlist
1713 Watford (clap) Timeless Playlist
1900 Can We Play You Every Week Easy, easy, easy.... Playlist
2716 And It's Watford F.C Watford F.C are great. Playlist
2728 Yellow Army Sing it loud and proud.. Playlist
3232 You Are My Watford My only Watford. Playlist
3525 If You All Love Watford Well it's rude not to Playlist
3770 Yellow Red and Black Army Nice and simple Playlist
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4090 We're the Horns Sing it for the lads. Playlist
4409 Ooooooooo Watford Sung after every goal Playlist
4736 Stand Up If You Love Watford Go on then, get up.. Playlist
5227 Sit Down and Read Your Books Sung when the atmosphere is like a library. Playlist
5447 That's Why We're Top of the League Pure golden class, Premier League here we come. Playlist
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