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Watford fans in better voice than Elton John!

307 Ikechi Anya Runs Down the Wing for Me When Anya does something wonderful! Ed: not the best recording, submit yours if you have a better version! Playlist
392 Gianfranco Woah Song for Zola Recorded at Man City Playlist
488 Watford, Watford Simple but the best, great watford ringtone too. Playlist
774 Yellow Army Sing it loud and proud.. Playlist
1186 Your Support Sung to the home fans usually. Playlist
1217 3 0 Even Chambers Scored Christ! Even he's scored.... Playlist
1321 It's so Quiet You can hear a pin drop Playlist
1686 Malky's Yellow Army Nice Classic! Playlist
2382 Have You Found Your Revision Schoolboy error? Playlist
2730 It's All Gone Quiet over There Can't hear? Me Neither Playlist
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2791 We Love You, We Love You Classic "go mad" song Playlist
3202 What Do We Think of Luton? Simple chant to show the world what we think of little Luton
3246 Aidy Give Us a Wave The boss man waves back Playlist
3427 You Dirty Northern B...... Our stinkin' northern foes Playlist
3488 Always Quiet Well it is isn't it? Playlist
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