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9711 Cheat Dirty cheatin' b*stardos Playlist
9824 Shearer Is A... The song says it all Playlist
10058 Only One Keano Sang to keano the king since he was manager at sunderland Playlist
10287 Get Into 'Em - Sunderland F*ck em up! Playlist
10378 We Forgot Sung when they've been quiet for ages. Playlist
10660 Na Nanana Keano! A tribute to the great Sunderland Savior! Must have ringtone. Playlist
10730 Downing's off to Spurs Off to a bigger club, see ya Playlist
10846 Thank You Very Much for Carlos Edwards Part of the Trinidad's contingent. Thanks very much. Playlist
10905 One Titus Bramble Please... Playlist
11187 David Connolly Top marksmen Playlist
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11613 Walking in a Wallace Wonderland On the back of him being unable to control himself celebrating Playlist
12046 Ten Men And we still won Playlist
12101 His First Name Steven Steven Steven Steven Taylor is a... Playlist
12223 Riveros New midfield magician! Playlist
12407 Attack! Get into 'em Playlist
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