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Sunderland Top Chants (Page 11) Football Chants

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17681 Chelsea May Be Rich Made up re Chelski
17684 Who Beat The Scum? 25th october 08 thats all that needs to be said
17742 Asamoah Gyan One Chance! Only needs one chance!
17765 2-0 Sung to people who dont when they are winning
17907 Fat Boy Ashley Made up song re Mike Ashley
17912 Lee Clark Song about the much hated spotty mag
17919 We'll Be Coming It is sang on the way to every away game
17954 Leaving In A Minute Made up
17959 Smack Heads Sunderland song sung to boro fans.
17969 Ohh Kieran Richardson Ohh Kieran Richardson I'd let you have my bike
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18049 Nothin At All What a Shame
18071 We'll Win Again Sung in the dark times
18111 We Hate Cockneys hate the Cockneys!
18120 Safc Ok Good little song to get the crowd started
18130 Pay Ya Benefits Sung to scousers and others
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