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Sunderland Top Chants (Page 11) Football Chants

Mackem boys and girls singing out!

15912 Lets All Have A Disco Good Sunderland football song to get the croud going
15917 Hark Now Hear When Sunderland ran Newcastle at St James' in 1985
15937 Sunderland Aces Full Version From Our Semi Final Win Against The Scum In The Playoffs along with an old time classic
15991 Riley Where Eva U May Be Riley you are crap.
16028 There's A Circus (Sung To The Mags ) The mags are clowns
16035 When A Was A Lad To the Tune of White Pele (Rooney song)
16069 Keegan Keegans departure.
16109 Steed Malbranque Dirty smoggies
16113 2-0 Sung to people who dont when they are winning
16130 My Old Man Sang against Boro after yet another victory against the small team in Yorkshire.
16149 Sunderland Ranger This song has to be the most random and funny song us fans have ever sang...
16209 38 years Quality Song
16221 In The Newcastle Slums Culinary delights.
16256 Shearer Has Only Got One Ball Shearer has only got one ball
16280 When I Was Just A Little Boy Just Made It Up LOL
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