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Sunderland Top Chants (Page 11) Football Chants

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15190 Bardsley Idistructable Takin after Arca
15263 Come On Sunderland Haway sunderland
15267 Chemicals Sung to the smoggies (Ed: Smoggies = Middlesbrough)
15283 One Ross Wallace On the back of him being unable to control himself celebrating Playlist
15344 Empty Seats Good for away fans when the home end is almost empty
15362 Marco Gabbiadini Dedicated to a Sunderland Legend
15365 Who Are The Mags? Sung To Ha'way The Lads Tune
15417 Chimbonda to the tune of monster
15418 Paulo Da Silva Super Paulo
15431 The Relegation (To The Tune Of Blaydon Races) One about the dreaded drop
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15502 Superkev Chant Best ever EPL striker
15507 We Hate Cockneys hate the Cockneys!
15517 Travel Everywere In the tune of Go West
15533 We'll Be Coming It is sang on the way to every away game
15564 Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life Sung at Stamford Bridge, at the 7-2 thrashing
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