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Sunderland Top Chants (Page 11) Football Chants

Mackem boys and girls singing out!

13794 Super Kenwyne Jones Super Kenwyne Jones
13845 Shall We Sing A Song For You Taunting the opposition when we out sing 'em. Playlist
13848 I Wanna Go Home Sung at away matches to the team we're playing
13920 Kieran Richardson To the tune of the David Connolly chant
13942 There's A Circus (Sung To The Mags ) The mags are clowns
13963 When A Was A Lad To the Tune of White Pele (Rooney song)
14060 F***'em All Roeder and Shearer and all
14098 Party Time Top Sunderland song for the on loan midfielder (whose going back to Inter!)
14212 Sing Your Hearts Out Throat clearer for SUnderland fans Playlist
14243 Hutchison Is ..... Don Hutch Ballad
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14272 Darren Bent Is Fast As Lightning For The Mighty Finisher Playlist
14286 Andy Reid Song Tune of Good King Wenceslas
14434 Shearer Has Only Got One Ball Shearer has only got one ball
14437 We Hate Cockneys hate the Cockneys!
14607 Sell All Your Tickets Poor, poor support Playlist
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