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191 Delilah Class Stoke City anthem. Ringtone is chorus only for download purposes. MP3 is full version. The history of the song was sent in from one of our members Harry Carr, which is very interesting: As a Stoke city supporter for many years I bet other fans wonder why we sing Delilah. Well it began 20 odd years ago when we got relegated to the old division 1. In the Boothen end [the home fans end of the Old Vic] there used to be two big red doors which were the exits from the ground. The team was so bad they used to sing ''So before they come open the doors forgive us Stoke City we just couldn't take any more. Oh, why, why, why, do we bother" As there was no fun to watch on the pitch, the fans started to enjoy the humour of it with their own rendition of it which went ….."I saw here mot as she pissed on the pot by the window ohhhhhhhhhh, I smelt the cigarette singe on her minge all night long, ohhhhhhhhhh, she stood there laughing ha ha ha ha,. I put my dick in her hands and she laughed no more ohhhhhhhhh, why why why etc..... the later part is the only part that remains as we sing the tom Jones one now... We are Stoke... Playlist
222 We Are Stoke Top Stoke footy chant and ringtone. Playlist
347 We'll Be with You Everything will be alright Playlist
599 City Till I Die Always and forever. Playlist
750 We Only Score from a Throw In After Liam Lawrence secured Stoke's premiership position with a 25 yard belter, the Stokies had this to say to all of the critics! Playlist
1095 Stoke City F.C. Classic old football chant, great Stoke ringtone. Playlist
1709 Hello, Hello, We Are the Boothen Boys Great Stoke football chant. Playlist
1906 When the Reds Go Marching In We all go together. Classic Stoke City ringtone for the mobile. Playlist
2061 Ring of Fire Stoke City Heard a few other clubs singing it too. Playlist
2087 Come on Stoke Another wicked from Stoke City fans to get the lads going Playlist
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2822 Who the Hell Are You? Who are ya? Playlist
2946 You Don't Know What Yer Doing Sung to the usual sorry excuse for a referee we have to put up with. Playlist
3002 Attack, Attack Encouraging the boy's to get stuck in. Playlist
3336 Sit Down, Shut Up Sung when they are giving it large. Playlist
3799 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Takin' piss out of Wengers comments again Playlist
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