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Norwich Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

Canaries singing from the terrace tops.

6743 There's Only One Keano Bless him, thanks for that, was hilarious Playlist
6828 Elliot Bennett Runs down the wing for me... Playlist
6864 We Get To Go Home Sung at Liverpool but applicable to all crap cities Playlist
6897 We Love You Another nicked from St Pauli but we love it Playlist
7373 Where's Your Famous Atmosphere? Not here. Playlist
7396 Who Are Ya? Classic Playlist
7534 We Pay For Your Dole Sung to scousers Playlist
8445 One Chrissy Hughton There's only one Playlist
8938 One Tom Daley Sung at Ashley Young/ Suarez or any champion divers Playlist
9078 We Are Norwich Funny chant about s*aggin' n drinkin' Playlist
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9336 5-0 Down We don't care Playlist
9451 4-0 Down Who gives a f*ck?! Another one from when we played Liverpool Playlist
9522 4-0 And You Still Don't Sing Pitifull - from when we played the scousers Playlist
10838 When I Was Just A Little Boy Beating on the Scum agen
11045 We Love You Paul Mcveigh To the tune of Tom Jones' "I love you baby"
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