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Manchester United Top Chants (Page 3) Football Chants

All Man United's top chants sung by Man U supporters. Devilishly good

251 Hollow Hollow Chelsea's success Playlist
268 Feed The Scousers Funny and great song for when we play the bin dippers at Christmas Playlist
272 You Are My Solskjaer The Viking Vs Shearer. Who was dearer? Or better? Playlist
289 Attack, Attack, Attack One to get behind the boys when we're in need of a goal Playlist
292 Paul Scholes - He Scores Goals He scores goals galore (Ed: Better audio added) Playlist
293 Clattenburg Running Down The Wing Made up at Stamford Bridge on 28th Oct 2012. For those who don't know, Clattenburg is a ref who has been accused by Chelsea of using an offensive racial term during this match. Playlist
294 Are You Watching Merseyside? Not really sung anymore, but we knew they were watching Playlist
309 Nani, Nani, Nani An Abba classic for our Portuguese magnet Playlist
317 Giggs Will Tear You Apart Quality song for the Welsh Wizard Playlist
320 Na Na Na Ashley Young To the tune of Baby give it up Playlist
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343 Scholesy Is Back He scores goals by Jove Playlist
344 Build A Bonfire Let's get a nice blaze going (Ed: New audio added Playlist
354 We Shall Not Be Moved Another timeless classic Playlist
359 Manchester La La La Lalalalala ((Ed: Better audio just added) Playlist
363 M-U-F-C Okay Just letting 'em know who we are Playlist
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