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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

19502 Jingle Bells Festive Spirit Anyone?
19504 Do the Obi Mikel Obi Mikel chant to the tune of the Hokey Cokey
19532 North Stand They can't keep themselves quiet either
19536 Gerrard Is A... Steven Gerrard - Ed: Not the views of the management
19614 Ramires Our new hero Ramires
19636 Follow Follow Follow 2009 Sorry Bridgie, we got a new man from Serbia who did something bigger than you
19720 You're Scum To Scousers, Mancs, Leeds folk, Millwall etc etc etc
19721 Whos That Man We All Adore Lampard better than Gerrard
19723 Tevez Song Funny one for Scumchesters Argie...
19729 Is That All You Take Away When fans bring f*ck all away supporters with them
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19755 Put Your Hands Up for Mikel This would create a great atmosphere. To the tune of the dance/techno song "Put Your Hands Up In The Air". A similar version was done for Pierre Van Hooijdonk when he was at Feynoord.
19776 Steven Gerrard hate the Scousers!
19857 We Can See You Sneeking Out Always a good day when this is song
19917 Ode to Anelka Our fox in the box (To the tune of "Come on and do the Conga)
19946 Loyal Supporters We Are The Chelsea Boys
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