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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

15533 Cech Has Got His Hat On A Fine Piece of Headwear
15620 When The Blues Go Steaming In (Chorus) Without the zig or the zag. Playlist
15636 Chelsea Aggro Not the most common chant. Personal favourite though.
15808 We Forgot That You Were Here We never hear a peep at Fulham's library. Playlist
15930 You Are My Chelsea (Hummed Version) Hummed version to You Are My Sunshine Playlist
15953 Ronaldo Loves Diving In The Box Cheat
15996 It's All Quiet When they are all hushed Playlist
16014 We're Stayin At Home Sung at Arsenal, Fuck UEFA
16019 Little Poor Scouser To Everton or Liverpool
16026 Alex Ferguson Premier League trophy
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16043 What's It Like To S*ag A Sheep OOOOH ARRR its ambrosia
16131 Pompey Song in response to "Play Up Pompey"
16260 One Stand Singing It's all gone quiet over there Playlist
16420 Carvalho One for our skillful defender
16451 Should Have Died In The Tunnel (Sung To Ronaldo) Sung to Ronaldo after his car crash
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