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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

14269 What's It Like To S*ag A Sheep OOOOH ARRR its ambrosia
14287 Di Matteo For our beloved coach Playlist
14377 West Ham's Going Down La la la la la! Playlist
14380 You're Worse Than Millwall That's really saying something, the detritis of London Playlist
14523 One Stand Singing It's all gone quiet over there Playlist
14592 Who's That Team They Call The Chelsea Great fanchant. Always a pleasure. Playlist
14702 Carvalho One for our skillful defender
14736 Should Have Died In The Tunnel (Sung To Ronaldo) Sung to Ronaldo after his car crash
14753 Couldn't Sell All Your Tickets Cause you're shit!
14801 Best Trip Sang at our successful away matches
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14841 Stick Your Bubbles Up Your A*se not my video :)
14954 Pompey Song in response to "Play Up Pompey"
15119 Is That All She Get's At Home Sung by the Chelsea fans to a male streaker at the 2003 away FA Cup tie V Shrewsbury.
15180 It's So Quiet At Anfield So quiet you can hear them you can hear yer car alarm going off outside the stadium Playlist
15349 She Fell Over When some little bitch dives or takes a dramatic tumble
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