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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

17743 Steve Bruce Sung at steve bruce when we beat them 2-1 28/02/09
17856 Ronaldo Loves Diving In The Box Cheat
17877 Poor Little Scouser To Everton or Liverpool
17879 Juliano Belletti #2 This man is becoming a cult hero!!!
17888 Let's All Have A Disco D-I-S-C-O
17908 Follow Follow Follow 2009 Sorry Bridgie, we got a new man from Serbia who did something bigger than you
18008 Stick Your Bubbles... not my video :)
18068 Couldn't Sell All Your Tickets Cause you're shit!
18087 Best Trip Sang at our successful away matches
18170 Chelsea Aggro Not the most common chant. Personal favourite though.
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18248 Barnsley Sang against QPR - we're off to Champions League final and you're getting relegated. Nuff said!
18280 Gerrard Where's Your Missus? Oh Alex Curran, you typical Scouse (Ed: Sorry SG - this by no means reflect the views of those at Fanchants Towers)
18289 We Are The Shed End Classic
18297 She Fell Over When some little bitch dives or takes a dramatic tumble
18299 Riccy Carvalho Carvalho song
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