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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

18074 We're Going to Rome Rome 09
18085 Goal Kick Sung when opposition keeper takes a goal kick
18125 Scouser Scum Scousers
18158 Where's Ya Silverware? For the Gooners
18289 Delia Smith Sung to Norwich Fans 04/05 season
18302 Big Drogba Another one for the big man
18325 Having a Laugh HAHAHA
18349 Proud to Love the Chelsea You better be
18419 In Your Liverpool Slums V2 Unhygienic lot
18577 Empty Seats When at poorly supported away teams
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18609 Benches Give Us a Song Come on subs
18815 The Best Behaved Supporters It's true you know. Both of them :)
18824 Gerrard Puts in a Transfer Tequest Prick
18844 A Little Bit of Sheva in Our Lives To Mambo No 5
18859 Desailly Big Marcel
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