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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

16730 Abramovich Sung to the tune of Robin Hood (riding through the glen)
16751 Does The Circus Know You're Here Sang at Pompey to resident clown Peter Crouch Playlist
16754 Feed The Scousers Funny as f**k
16784 Back To Your Sh** Hole Sing it to the scousers
16796 Town Full Of Scrubbers Manc U.S.A. would take offense to this
16803 Alex Ferguson Premier League trophy
16814 Let's All Have A Disco D-I-S-C-O
16856 That's Why You're Going Down Sang to whoever's on their way down Playlist
17030 Big Drogba Another one for the big man
17049 Should Have Died In The Tunnel (Sung To Ronaldo) Sung to Ronaldo after his car crash
  Premier League Betting
17056 We Are Going To Rome We're going to Rome
17080 Fat Paris Hilton (For Voronin from Liverpool) True, true.
17084 In Your Liverpool Slums V2 Unhygienic lot
17242 Palace, Palace One we sang almost the entire game against Palace was very simple but everyone enjoyed it (and we even sang it during the other pre season friendlies):
17464 We Saved Your History Sung to Liverpool after we beat them 2-0
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