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Chelsea Top Chants (Page 18) Football Chants

Stamford Bridge letting everyone know they are back on top form!

18370 Steve Bruce Sung at steve bruce when we beat them 2-1 28/02/09
18467 One Dead Granny Steven Ireland Had She's dead, no wait, she's not, is she? To the tune of Ten Green Bottles Sitting on the wall
18484 Stick Your Bubbles... not my video :)
18502 Its So Easy Upton Park sung at upton park where we beat the scum 4 - 1
18512 Blue Day Blue Day anyone?????
18520 Barnsley Sang against QPR - we're off to Champions League final and you're getting relegated. Nuff said!
18524 What's It Like To S*ag A Sheep OOOOH ARRR its ambrosia
18528 Walking Down The Fulham Road Runnin' down the Fulham Road.
18535 Tottenham... W**kers from the lane
18558 Steven Gerrard hate the Scousers!
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18686 A Little Bit Of Sheva In Our Lives To Mambo No 5
18694 Is It A Bouncer? Gerrard's promiscuous Alex Curran allegedly........
18712 Goal Kick Sung when opposition keeper takes a goal kick
18903 Big Drogba Another one for the big man
18920 Having A Laugh HAHAHA
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